Thursday, March 22, 2012

Everybody Cries in Spring

Imagine! Caring about lost dogs, or really, anything but myself! It's like I'm... human! Next thing you know I'll actually give a crap about this parasite growing inside of me!

All kidding aside, I'm loving how the puppet dances right on cue to Margo's bidding. "That's right, her hormones should be kicking in right about.... now." Of course Tommie's going to think it's springtime that's making Nina all maternal, since her midwife classes were taught in the 18th century or something.


Maggie said...

I knew it! A picture of a sad dog was all it took.

Hey Tommie! Working is like the one thing Nina likes. How about we take that away from her while she's crying buckets?

Ken said...

I lost my cat for 8 days and experienced the five stages of grief. I have more of an emotional response to animals than I do to most people. I wouldn't read into Nina's tears. She'll bounce back to her normal self, empty as the vacuum of space.

What does spring have to do with maternity leave. Was the sun supposed to represent an idea lightbulb? Did Tommie think she could convince Nina's HR department to force her to take short term disability?