Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Everything, I Guess

"Where should I shop for the baby? I already tried Toys R Us, and let's just say I found the selection unsatisfactory. Outside of the plush section, I mean." Who starts their nursery shopping trip with a teddy bear? He didn't even get a shopping bag, so now he's going to carry it around all day like a chump! Unless Margo does the practical thing and shows Scott how to use the internet. Odds on that are a kajillion to one.

1 comment:

Ken said...

Based on how he's holding the teddy bear he may need some pointers on how to hold a baby.

Is Sir Grizzly Bowtie a puppet? I can't tell where Scott's hand is positioned.

Don't well-to-do New Yorkers have people for this sort of thing? Is Margo starting a new business or an affair with Scotty Gaines? I don't know if Nina is going to like this.