Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday is for Coats!

Nothing new in Sunday's strip, except that everyone is wearing coats now? Weird. Tommie, is it really professional to be wearing your coat durring the ultrasound and everything? The ultrasound... which as a midwife, you are qualified to give. Just seconding Megan's post:

1. What, Tommie, now you're a doctor? That's really going to cut into your hours at the studio.

2. Nina smoking during a pregnancy?? Isn't this one of those things that educated, well-to-do woman would never do anymore, like blowdrying your hair in the bath?


Roy said...

Oh I'd love to see Nina use her hair dryer in the shower, I think it would really electrify this storyline which is starting to head into Mary Worth territory. Frankly this development is scaring me, so unless Nina dies, Scott Gaines starts an affair with Margo, or possibly even Tommie, or the whole plot is dropped until August so we can resume in six months I have very low hopes for the next couple of months.

Ken said...

Do women in the A3G strip die? I know the boyfriends and fiances are cursed, but is it possible a female dies?