Monday, February 13, 2012

A Strong-Willed Woman

Wait, is Nina really thinking she'll be a surrogate mother for her husband? Because... that's kind of an awesome concept. "Welp, here ya go! One fresh baby. I hope you were planning on being a stay home dad, cause I have a 2:00 tomorrow that I have GOT to prep for. Nurse, get this IV out of me. Formula's in the fridge, Scott; I'll be at the bar."


Ken said...

It's a good thing Tommie has that bob and weave going on. The phone ring almost killed her.

Nothing stronger than the bond between mother and child...cue the phone call from Lu Ann.

Strong willed women can still love their children, right?

I can picture a creation where Margo doesn't say anything and just stares at the phone.

Roy said...

Well considering Margo's personal experience, not to mention the matter that has led to Lu Ann's current trip to South Dakota, maybe the bond between mother and child only gets strong when the child gets near thirty?