Saturday, February 25, 2012

Special Delivery

"Nina specifically said that she wanted the midwife that looks like Justin Bieber, and that she wants you to sing Baby while she's getting her epidural. Since you have no life outside the hospital, and since we let anyone from the donor families do whatever they want, we told the Blakes that you would be on call for the next 3-9 months to deliver the baby. I offered to do it myself, but Nina said she didn't want my man hands anywhere near that baby."


Ken said...

Great, now I have the song Baby stuck in my head.

You have something on your chin. I'll get it for you.

Too bad Lu Ann is still out of town. The Blakes could have all of A3G working for them.

Sunday IS for coats. Now that Tommie has her white coat and we know Nurse Ratchet has man hands, it's obvious Tommie is fixing her collar.

Gerard said...

That's amazing Megan. You have a real talent for simultaneous translation. I could see you working at the UN, where your skills could help prevent a war. Or maybe start one, whatever.