Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happiness Falls

Did Lu Ann's hand turn into a pincer?  Because that would be awesome.  She could play human claw machine with that bowl of green fruit.  And, with more of a mess, that box of baking soda/tissues.

You can't hide from Tommie Thompson.  No matter how small of a town you live in, she will call the lowliest civil servant that she can find and smoke you out.


Maggie said...

Happiness Falls? For real? Like Happiness Falls down the mountain and crashes to its death?

Ken's Orange Overcoat said...

So Tommie has become obsessed with the only large animal vet in A3-G Land's New York State? I guess A3-G Land's New York State doesn't support more than one large animal vet. It must be the lack of farms...

I guess there's a dearth of farms in nearby A3-G Land New Jersey, A3-G Land Connecticut and A3-G Land Pennsylvania, too.

What a weird place A3-G Land is!