Friday, March 14, 2014

Poor Tommie!

Okay, so Apartment 3G isn't known for its displays of raw, seething emotion, but could the Professor stop smiling at least??  And Margo's reaction of "Oh, no! Poor Tommie!" is the kind of response you would give if you heard Tommie, say, spilled red wine on her favorite shirt, or burped during a public speaking opportunity, not recently became a fiancswidow. Those two must be on the same "that dude totally never existed" wavelength.


Roy said...

You know with the professor's new Jeff Davis chin beard thing he looks like every other man in the strip when he is on the phone

Ken's Orange Overcoat said...

C'mon, Roy! He's got that flippy thing to his hair plus his hair is white. Not blue. Not black. Not yellow. White.

Roy said...

Oh you're right Ken, and FrNk made sure it stuck out past the mouthpiece.

But his new look just... Y'all need to do an image search for Jacob Thompson, a Confederate diplomat and spymaster