Friday, March 28, 2014

Such a Pretty Little Deer

A good home for Lily? Like.... the forest? WHAT IS HAPPENING! I just can't believe Tommie/Margaret Shulock skipped "spectacular grief" "rage against God" "crushing despair" or even "misdirected deer neglect and maltreatment" and went straight to "negotiations with stranger for deer disposal." What is the larger story here? I should know better but... but maybe there's going to be a really awesome payoff here, you guys. Like, Happiness Falls is the deer jerky capital of the world, or Happiness Falls is a home to a surreal Twin Peaks-like mystery. Or something!


Ken's Orange Overcoat said...

Oh Maggie. I feel your pain. You want this strip about women in NYC to be about real women (or at least kind of real) living in a real NYC (or at least kind of real). But if it was, would you have this blog? Would you have the laughs?

I don't think so.

There will be nothing more to this Jack Riley story line other than he'll take the deer (which Tommie magically teleports upstate) and that will be that.

Jim will not be even mentioned again and will be as forgotten as Jim, Cole, Greg, Evan and hundreds of other generic suitors. It's just the way things go in A3-G Land...

All we can do is laugh.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Forgive me for being gauche, but what I'm most curious about is... where does the deer do its business? Does Tommie (or Lu Ann, or--God forbid!--Margo) take it out on a leash for walks along the New York City streets, or does "deer" sweet Lily just crap all over their beautifully appointed Manhattan apartment? I can't take it anymore! And yet I return, day in and day out... Yes, Ken's Orange Overcoat, we must laugh. I have already gone from "spectacular grief" to "rage against God" to "crushing despair," and I always end up laughing AT this strip, not WITH it.

I do love it, though!

Ken's Orange Overcoat said...

@Dawn Weston's Evil Twin,

Deer typically crap and pee wherever and whenever they want. There's one example of a house-trained deer online, but I don't think Tommie's on top of things enough to have housetrained Lily. Just for starters, when she did her original "research" on what to do about an orphaned fawn, she missed all the sites which say, "Get it to a certified wildlife rehabilitator now!"

Come to think of it, housetraining Lily would have been a more interesting storyline than the whole Jim dying / Tommie getting fired(?) thing.

Just think about it! Tommie steals pee pads from the hospital to carpet the apartment with, then teaches Lily to walk on a leash, then teaches her to signal when she needs to go out, then bribes the doorman, neighbors and press to ignore the deer-on-a-leash and so on.

I won't even get into whether or not failure to scoop deer poop violates dog pooper-scooper laws!

Allen said...

I dunno Ken, it's not like Tommie has a job or anything so she has a lot of time to potty train a deer!