Wednesday, August 20, 2014


YEAH!! The end (of this storyline) is near! Kudos to Carol for very artfully, very tastefully, indicating to Tommie that it might be time to hit the old dusty trail. But you won't be rid of Tommie until she...

  • finds a good home for Lily?
  • hooks you up with Jack?
  • rides Mary the Mare into the sunset just once?
  • plays one more hilarious prank on town gossip Tina?
  • has something done about her Johnny Tremain hand?
After Megan's post yesterday, I do feel bad ragging on the art. I will just say this: Tommie has been wearing that turtleneck since March. (Although there was a brief interlude in the month of July with a blue turtleneck... because Carol was wearing pink and it would've been too gauche!) So we're up to almost five months. Turtleneck Watch.


Kibo said...

The storyline will end with a hilarious mix-up (due to a computer error) where Lily goes to work at the hospital and Tommie stays on the farm, endlessly morphing between fawn and terrier shapes, all with weird hands.

Even if that doesn't happen, I still want this to... END! END! END! END!

Toots McGee said...

Happiness Falls in a circular motion
plot is like a little boat upon the sea
turtlenecks are a part of everything anyway
put you head into one and let yourself be
Happiness Falls
Happiness Falls
Happiness Falls
Happiness Falls

apologies to Donovan

Anonymous said...

In December, might we see a sundress? Nah, that would mean learning to draw shoulders.

Sugar Packet said...

Turtleneck Watch! Thank you. I forgot about the blue turtleneck in the middle of everything. She just had to go and reset the Turtleneck Watch...

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! Turtleneck!