Thursday, August 14, 2014

Just Let It All Go

This is really non-ironically coming out of nowhere for me. Is Carol talking about her physical state or her psychic state right now? Perhaps this is another poorly staged PTSD storyline. And WHAT. THE HECK. is Tommie doing in the second panel?? The ol' obscene-gesture glass-of-water switcheroo?? She is way out of practice with this nursing thing.


Kibo said...

You know, the reason you don't see a lot of comic strips dealing with the serious issue of migraines is that when migraine sufferers think about migraines it gives them migraines.

Number of times I just said "migraines": four, not counting the quoted "migraines". Six. Sorry.

Anyway, they should bus in Rex Morgan and/or Oliver Sacks to tell us about modern migraine treatments and get this plot over with already.

Or, perhaps, the artist is just getting bored with drawing realistic humans and is going to shift to drawing the strip to look like a migraine scotoma, under the condition that the newspapers print it in flashing ink.

molly said...

The ol' obscene-gesture glass-of-water switcheroo??

You summed that up perfectly! What the heck, is right!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha !! Whoo hoo! Switch a roo! !