Friday, August 15, 2014

That Amazing Pill

WELL THAT'S OVER! I hope no one thought something actually happening would be more interesting than talking! Certainly I'm satisfied with Carol's dramatic sudden illness being almost entirely psychosomatic and resolved within two days. Two days of real time, that is, which translates to roughly five heartbeats in A3G time.


molly said...

Yes, yes, I'm sick to my stomach and feel like I'm going to die, so please give me an aspirin to help further tear that hole in my stomach. And then mock my trauma by giving me a placebo and acting all superior about it. Tommie, you are truly a lifesaver! The nursing world needs more people like you.

I just want to point out the appearance of squiggle art and claw hand in one glorious panel!

Sugar Packet said...

I thought when we first saw Tommie's weird "Johnny Tremain hand" a few weeks ago, it a one-off Frank Bolle art error. (hey, they happen) But Tommie's claw hand has been surprisingly the last few weeks! I guess she really has a condition? Kudos to Frank for consistency, I guess!

Ken's Orange Overcoat said...


Squiggle art, claw hand and Lampy (the goldish lamp with the green shade which some 'fans' of the strip have named because it's the most interesting charater in this storyline)!

@Chester the Dog,

Woof! Woof! Bark! Yap! Yap! Yap!

@Sugar Packet,

I've been enjoying claw hand, also. There's precious little else to enjoy. Well, Lampy, and speculating what other species Lily has morphed into (if she ever appears again), but that's about it.

Chester the Dog said...

To quote Dorothy from the Golden Girls: "What the hell is going on in this house?"

No, really, what is this story about?

Rob Scott said...

They look at least ten years older than they appear in the header to this blog.

Flip West said...

I went to the King Features facebook page and begged them in a pm to end this storyline!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

But it's just starting to get exciting! Today Tommie tucked Carol into bed. What will happen next?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. I thought bag face was better. Why does she need help to get in bed? Why does she still have her clothes on? Did Tommie get her old school matteress ? How do you shovel poop or make a bed with a wiggly claw hand? Why cant we see Doc and his adventure? Whoo hoo!