Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Need to Fill: Artist

Guys, I think today's strip might be Frank's plea to be allowed to retire in peace/humanely euthanized.  Lily is either suckling at Carol's teat or was drawn over after Frank realized that Tommie wasn't supposed to be having a conversation with the deer.  He also forgot to draw Tommie's right arm, and just slapped it on there at a weird angle. At least that's better than Tommie's face in the second panel, whichiws collapsing in on itself like a souffle in a cupboard.

I feel guilty even commenting on this anymore.  I just think of this poor old man being forced to draw torsos and terrier deer in a poorly lit room at Shady Pines.  Frank has a website, but his latest news was appearing at ComicCon in 2004.  I tried to join his mailing list, but it came up with a "page not found."  Check it out for yourself: www.frankbollestudio.com.  It's grim.


Jay Kay said...

The A3-G page hasn't been updated since 2000 or so. It doesn't even list Mags Shulock as writer.

It's sad.

Mark said...

I'm now picturing a Misery-esque situation in which the obviously delusional Ms. Shulock is holding Frank captive in a rickety cabin in Western New York and forcing him to illustrate her flights of fancy with bits of charcoal and old crayons.
Also, likening Tommie's face to a souffle collapsing in on itself is sheer brilliance.

Flip West said...

I went to Wikipedia about this strip and couldn't believe how good the art once looked!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is sad. Poor old bag face and muffin head have no future. No wonder Doc ran away.

Barking Monkey said...

For a look at Frank's stuff in his heyday take a look at his late 60's work: http://strippersguide.blogspot.com/2007/04/obscurity-of-day-debbie-deere.html

It would seem he always had a bit of trouble with consistent backgrounds, but he was once able to draw waists, consistent faces, and hands that didn't look like mannequin assembly line rejects.

I hate to think what almost 50 years of drawing dull and pointless soap opera comics must do to one's soul.