Friday, August 1, 2014

Poor Carol

Back when I started doing this blog, I wouldn't say the plots were that much better (okay, a little better), but there were always multiple irons in the fire, so if you ran into a slow patch of "Tommie avoiding that icky Gary guy" you could, say, switch to a few days of "Lu Ann being depressed in North Dakota!!" or a couple weeks of "Margo flies to Tibet and harasses some monks."

But this! This is just brutal. I don't even know what to say anymore. Maybe this blog should go on a vacation for a bit. At least until we switch to Margo, or one of these ladies moves from the spot they're rooted to, or Lily learns how to drive a car.


Carlye said...

We should say, "Poor Tommie". Look at her face yesterday, then today. She is turning into a hag just standing there listening to this boring drivel, and who can blame her? I think I am, too....AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Maybe I'm alone in this, but I think the strip is finally getting interesting! I want to hear all about Carol Collins and her experiences!

I do miss her delightfully snarky comments, though. They seem to have disappeared once she morphed into her Lu Ann Powers avatar. Please bring back the snark!

Also, please don't let the blog go on vacation! I LOVE IT! Thank you for your wonderful blog.

Ken's Orange Overcoat said...

How could you all have missed the exciting development of there being THREE sentences in each panel instead of 2. That's an increase of 50%and it doesn't seem to have sped up the plot one bit!!

P.S. Please don't put the blog on hiatus!!

Kibo said...

Maybe if the two of them stand in place long enough they'll freeze that way. Or maybe that already happened.

If this were "Mystery Science Theater 3000", by this point Mike and the 'bots would be yelling "END! END! END! END!"

Anonymous said...

Nooo! I come to this blog so I don't have to click through past days AND so I don't have to come up with my own snarky comments! Whither Thursday's strip?!

Anonymous said...

No! Don't leave me. Love this blog! Whoo hoo!