Friday, August 22, 2014

How Do I Begin?

Allright, everyone, it's back inside for story time! (Wouldn't want Mary overhearing this... she's so judgey.)

I hope Tommie's story is visually aided by some flashbacks. It's always so fun to see how people have changed over time. Remember that ridiculous Prince Valiant bowl cut Tommie was rocking back when she was engaged to ol' what's-his-face? Sadly, I legit cannot remember Tommie's fiance's name. Windsor? Nigel? Something British.

WAIT WAIT WAIT I take my sarcasm back, if we get to see Tommie flashback to her days in Italy when she was being wooed, this would maybe be worth it.


mrvy said...

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. Cue the Von Trapp Family Singers. A little song and dance might save this train wreck o' boredom. Might.

Anonymous said...

Ya, flashbacks. Tommie used to be kind of cute, but, old LuAnn hasn't aged well.

David Copperfield said...

"I am born ..."

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Oh, my word! Panel 2 is a total waste and doesn't move this "plot" along on bit. And I'm sure Tommie won't be able to tell her whole thrilling story in two panels on Saturday, so we're in for at least another week of this.

Can Carol please, please, please revert to her snarky nasty version? That would be entertaining!

Wistfully yours,
DWET xxoo

Kibo said...

I thought the time loop would expand with each repetition, but instead it seems to be contracting.

I worry that now this is turning into an "All You Zombies" situation where Carol and Tommie's torrid love affair eventually leads to the revelations that each of them is the other's grandmother and then the nature of reality itself collapses, and from that point on the strip will just be three blank white panels forever.

Still, at least it would make the talking end. END! END! END! END!

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! Bring on the snarky grannies of each other! !!

Allen said...

Oh my God... I haven't visited here for about 2 weeks now (midterms, work, girlfriend, etc) and it's STILL Carol and Tommie skirting around their problems and being boring as hell. How many days has it been? Does Jack do this often? If he does, what would he have done without Tommie being there to shovel the animals out of the 10 tons of horse manure that accumulates daily in the barn?