Monday, August 31, 2015

A Thin Moon Rises

The parade of strangers continues? Or is Tim Mills badgering Margo, now just wearing a bad flip wig?

In any case, NO, Margo, no one can tell you where you are unless you know where you're going. I think I got a graduation card a that said that.


Fiendish Man said...

A few weeks wandering the sidewalks in a state of confusion, and Margo has gone from grumpy young harridan to annoying street lunatic. In other words, her experience is building character.

Within the next three weeks, people are going to be spitting on her without provocation.

76VDubber said...

The pink jacket/cardigan and white turtleneck shirt is evidently the latest fashion in downtown Manhattan!

D.B. Echo said...

A "thin moon" rising would only happen a few hours before sunrise. The Moon is "thin" only when it is just past New (low in the West at sunset, setting shortly after the sun) or at the end of its cycle (low in the East before sunrise, rising shortly before the sun.) Has Margo been wandering the streets all night?

Sugar Packet said...

I think Tommie and Lu Ann physically melded--including outfits--to become this young lady on the street. Combined, they are more powerful, and can stand up to Margo in ways they never could before! "I can't help you if you don't know where you're going, lady. Oh, and you haven't cleaned the bathroom in over five years--IT'S YOUR TURN! Bwahahahhaha!"

Kibo said...

All strangers in New York either wear a pink turtleneck with a white blazer (like my beloved Pinky Turtlenecko) or a white turtleneck with a pink blazer. They have been issued cheerful pink and white uniforms now that New York has been enslaved by the Happiness Patrol.

Dawn Weston's Evil (non-robotic) Twin said...

Welcome to Stepford, Connecticut! It's where all women are robots, and they answer a question with another question. If you want coherent dialogue, you'll have to head on back to the City, to Manhattan ... oh, wait, no, that's not right. Margo, Tommie, and Lu Ann never have coherent conversations, either. Maybe they've already been replaced by robots? Well, if you want coherent conversation, you're going to have to head out to Santa Royale, California! The home of Charterstone condominiums, pool parties, strawberry daiquiris, and lots o' fun!

76VDubber said...

You know things are getting bad in A3G-land when the goings-on in Santa Royale seem reasonable by comparison! This poor comic strip is spiraling downward. Just when I think that the story-lines and art work can't get any worse, it sinks even lower. Is anybody else embarrassed? Yet, I can't stop reading it! I'm addicted! I eagerly seek out A3G each morning as I enjoy my coffee and cold cereal!

And speaking of artwork, check out the fancy car today that Mark Trail is riding in!

Anonymous said...

My newspaper dropped this strip as of 8-31-15 and I truly understand their choice. The art work has changed, no one looks the same, Margo has been weird and boring for what seems like years. It simply is going nowhere. It's really a Zero!

Barking Monkey said...

Since it looks like nobody else is gonna do it: CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising”

I see a thin moon arising
I see Margo on the way
I see Eric realizing
Tibet is where he shoulda stayed

Don’t go around tonight
Well there’s bound to be some strife
There’s a thin moon on the rise

I hear bad dialogue a blowin
I know its end won’t come too soon
I fear plot holes overflowin
I guess this chapter lasts til’ June

Don’t go around tonight
Well there’s bound to be some strife
There’s a thin moon on the rise

LuAnn’s got her things together
Soon she’ll be saying her good-byes
Dawkin’s has cut Tommie’s tether
Bet Margo socks that stranger in the eye

Don’t go around tonight
Well there’s bound to be some strife
There’s a thin moon on the rise

Anonymous said...

My guess is they can't hire a new writer until they get a new artist. They can' hire a new artist, without a new writer.m And so the downward spiral of turtlenecks Ian's madness continues

Obtuse said...

Fantastic song Barking Monkey, awesome! I wish Shu put in the creativity you do!