Wednesday, August 26, 2015

An Old Friend

"Hey guys, it's me Eric Mills. I haven't talked to Margo yet about how Eric Mills I am, I thought I'd reveal myself to you guys first so we could gossip about her."

"LU ANN, go in the other room, I'll talk to the man. I've changed into a collared shirt to project power and confidence. Eric Mills imposter, you getttt ouuuuut!"


fauxprof said...

They've let a man they claim they don't know into their apartment? We don't do that here in Ohio, but I guess the simple folk of New York City are far more trusting souls.

Barking Monkey said...

LuAnn was tricked into letting Eric in by his gambit of earning their trust by joining their turtleneck tribe. Too bad Tommie's not so easily fooled - now we get to see Tommie blast his gob full of mace.

Meanwhile LuAnn has been dispatched to fetch Taser Lady from across the hall (down the hall? camped out in the stairwell? Where the heck DOES TL come from?)

Fiendish Man said...

Shame on Eric for showing up right now! He interrupted Tommie's haircut. Actually, this is a good thing. She was intent on going for the full Moe Howard 'do.

Everyone knows that Margo is the Moe of this trio, Tommie is the Larry, and Lu Ann is the Curly. Woo woo woo!