Sunday, August 30, 2015

Simple Explanations

It's like Tommie and Lu Ann's outfits are sucking them into a carnation turtleneck singularity.

This strip is making it very difficult for me to stick to my resolution to be less harsh on Frank and more harsh on the writing.  I mean the writing is pretty terrible, but Tommie's hand looks like a sea lion's flipper and Eric has rapidly deflated between the first and second panels. 

Must criticize the writing...focus...OK, we've got it...Margo's acting really bizarre.  Can someone please do something about it so we can move on to whatever fresh hell awaits us in the next storyline?


Jim Donahue said...

I think Eric found a genie's bottle and wished for a little head. (And hand.)

Maggie said...

I just reread this and laughed out loud at "carnation turtleneck singularity." Ladies, if we ever create a band, that would be an excellent name for it. I call drums!