Monday, August 17, 2015

She's a Mess

I gave a long explanation about the Mills brothers in the comments of last Friday's strip, but the summary is: Eric saved Tim from rotting away in a Chinese prison, and then disappeared in an avalanche. And Margo got to meet the Dalai Lama. It's worth looking in the LLoA3G archives for July to August 2008 to see Margo in India. The white part of India, I mean.

 Anyway, the fact that the Ghost of Eric Mills is now having a conversation with his brother Tim likely means that Eric isn't a one of Margo's hallucinations, but is actually just your typical soap opera avalanche survivor. I am shocked that he didn't come back with an eyepatch and amnesia.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Eric came back with amnesia and an eye patch, all right. But then he got a little better and remembered that he had two good eyes.

fauxprof said...

Yesterday Tim's hair was brown, today it's black. Like all A3G men, it's short and wavy. Well, all except the bald "smug creature"..

Obtuse said...

As the brothers cheerfully discuss Margo's insanity, I have some thoughts.

Possibility one: So Eric Mills miraculously survives an avalanche, and decides to let Margo know by randomly encountering her while wandering the streets of New York? Exactly what any normal person would do, right?

Possibility two: Eric immediately told Margo upon returning from his miraculous survival. Margo has experienced a split from reality because of the shock, and Eric has been desperately trying to bring her back to reality so they can resume their life together. And we know nothing of this because Mags Shulock felt their story couldn't hold a candle to the incredibly urgent, compelling and breathlessly excitingly Tommie,Lily and Happy Falls story.

Either way, fantastic storytelling Shu!!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Margo is not what you think ... she is a figment of your imagination ... she's just a dream ... just like everything else in this strip!

Since we're resurrecting Margo's old boyfriends, could we please, please, please have Evan Graham (the Christmas present bomber) come back? I would really dig that!