Sunday, August 16, 2015

Blast from the Past

Whoa!  Eric Mills of the avalanche/art gallery fame?  It looks like his time underneath that massive Nepalese snowdrift has aged him prematurely.   So much so that Margo hasn't recognized him the three or four times he's riddled her in the streets.

I'll leave it to Maggie to give us all the scoop on the Brothers Mills.


Fiendish Man said...

Poor Margo. She wandered right out into the street and got hit by a black 1940s sedan. Now she lies unconscious at the curb, having a near-death experience. It's up to the Mills brothers, one dead and one not, to convince Margo that she, the Chosen One, must complete the transition to death and assume her rightful place as Queen of the Underworld!

fauxprof said...

If they're the Mills Brothers, perhaps they can sooth her by singing "Paper Doll", and "Glowworm". (I'm not really that old, I've just seen too many PBS pledge week specials.)

Anonymous said...

I still swear that he means that Margo is Neo.

The One.