Thursday, August 20, 2015

Long Ago

Wednesday, August 19

What??? One-panel A3G?? And like, clearly driven by sheer laziness right? Shulock was all, "Eh, I can't think of another way to repeat the exact same sentiments in another panel... Frank, could you just draw this all as one panel and have some completely random and irrelevant woman in-frame so that it seems like there's some purpose to the one-panel format? Don't worry, by tomorrow everyone will forget she was ever there." I will say, maybe they should just keep this format - Frank's art seems slightly better when he has more space to work with, and the dialogue never really warrants two panels anyway, right?

Thursday, August 20

Hey Tim, what the hell, man?? Margo totally grieved and went to freaking India for him! India! Also, how could you say that after you shared such a touching moment?
But no need to grieve for her, Eric, she had that fat wad of cash you left her so she was cool. Hey, can he take that back from her since he's alive?


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Shulock has such a way with words. 'Grieving for Margo' means 'recovering from my injuries'. Brilliant!

fauxprof said...

OK, for us newbies: when was this whole Avalanche/India/Dalai Lama scenario, both in real time and A3G relative time? (Is there a formula for calculating that?) I'm trying to figure out if we're dealing with that time-honored soap opera trope, amnesia.

mrvy said...

Fauxprof, Comics Curmudgeon says 2009. When that was in A3G time, who can say?

Fiendish Man said...

This is like that movie, The Sixth Sense. [SPOILER ALERT]The Mills Brothers are dead; they just don't know it. Margo is the Bruce Willis type character. Which explains why Tommie and LuAnn haven't seen her!

Speaking of LuAnn and her lookalikes, the young whitecoat in the one-panel strip seems to have dyed her hair to match the bricks. It's the outdoor equivalent of the lampshades matching the curtains.

Kibo said...

Gosh, I hope Pinky Turtlenecko stays around forever. She's clearly the most important character. And her dialogue is so much less inane than everyone else's.