Monday, August 3, 2015


Yep, Margo's right where we left her: wandering into traffic. She had been musing that she needed to find "the perfect crew" to execute her parents' wedding. Dollars to donuts, that means enlisting Tommie and Lu Ann, who are about to bump into her on the street and, seeing Margo's distressed state, make the fatal mistake of asking: How can we help?

Either that, or it's time for yet another encounter with the Perfect Stranger, who will reveal himself to be a combination hairdresser and caterer.


molly said...

If we never find out who The Perfect Stranger is, I will be very disappointed. I mean, even more disappointed than I am now.

On another note, remember Perfect Strangers? Ah, good times in wholesome sitcoms.

fauxprof said...

In panel one, Margo seems to be sporting Dick Tracy's chin. Appropriate, since she has characterized Diane Devine as some sort of evil super villain.