Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vague Talk

I think I'm in agreement with Maggie's comments from a while back.  At this point, the art is what it is.  Frank puts in characters that would pass in a lineup for the people who they are supposed to be, slaps in minor background detail so we know if we're inside or outside and we go with it because he's 90.  I'm not even going to comment on how Tim's part changes between the first and the second strip because that's not even why I'm mad.

But the writing is just terrible.  I mean you only have two panels.  That's at most three talking/thought bubbles?  But every...single...day a character says something incredibly vague with their thought bubble like "Margo is not what you think," which is completely incongruous to anything that has ever happened in the strip.  It's mostly that it's poor writing, but as a blogger who has to comment on this it's excruciating.  End of rant.


Mister Ed said...

Megan, your rant is completely justified, and, well voiced.

molly said...

Preach, Megan!

Yes, I can forgive (while cringing at and complaining about) the artwork due to Frank's age. And good on him for keeping it up. But what's Schulock's excuse?

fauxprof said...

That's a perfectly justified rant, Megan. Shulock seems to have lost interest completely. Perhaps she devotes all her time to her once-a-week contribution to "Six Chix". It takes a lot of effort to be so consistently unfunny in a humor strip. In the meanwhile, poor Frank Bolle gets the senseless copy for A3G, and tries to scribble something coherent. At least the Tommie/Lily/Happiness Falls story arc, while overlong, had some logical consistency.

Barking Monkey said...

"But you think I'm living in the past, isn't that right, Tim?"
"Well Eric, just look around - it all looks pretty anachronistic to me."

[To be fair to Shulock - I think it's fair to assume she's doing the strip out of either duress or altruism. I gather that even really successful newspaper strip creators barely make money and it's safe to say Shulock isn't making a ton of cash from A3G compilation books and coffee mugs. Maybe she's just doing it so an old man can live out his last years doing the thing he loves, maybe she was a fan of the strip back in the day and doesn't want to see it die, who knows? I'm going to cut her a ton of slack unless I know her personal situation.]