Friday, August 21, 2015

Margo and All

Well how damn cavalier of Tim to support his brother, who literally moved mountains (in an avalanche) to rescue him. Also, I agree with Casey, I don't know where this aggression towards Margo is coming from, she totally did grieve, in her halting Margo-like way. But yeah, THANKS Tim, for fighting through your Margo-related hang-ups to support your brother.

Also, doesn't anyone have a job in this strip? These two boobs are just wandering the streets waiting to bump into Margo? Reclaim the Mills Gallery, Eric! Lu Ann won't be there anymore to louse it up with her squiggle art!


Kibo said...

Never mind Margo. Where's the real star of the strip, Pinky Turtlenecko? What's going on? Where is my house? PIIIIINKYYYY!

fauxprof said...

After checking the Comics Curmudgeon archives, I realized that I've been reading A3G online for a year and a half now. I guess I'm officially hooked. As if a Mary Worth addiction wasn't enough. Sigh.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

"... and nothing in the world can change that..." except, of course, that Margo doesn't want your help and doesn't even recognize you! Ah, unrequited love, Margo's specialty (for others, not herself).