Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Missing Person

Things not to worry about besides Margo's disappearance.

1) That burglar stole all the squiggle art and kelly green décor.
2) That everyone believes Margo is overworked even though she has no clients, fired all her coworkers and hasn't been to the office in months.
3) Tommie growing her hair out to an awkward length.  Keeping the bangs was a mistake.
4) That Tommie and Lu Ann are wearing bizarro outfits and rotating around each other in a white walled room.


Margo (at the Wedding ... Planning) said...

LOL about the missing background! I didn't even notice!

molly said...

Tommie's just going for the Dutch Boy look. It's all the rage.

Fiendish Man said...

What is going on with Lu Ann's lips in panel two? She looks like she's about to transform into a blond-haired frog monster. That's even creepier than Margo wandering the limbo between life and death.

Maggie said...

NOT THIS CONVERSATION AGAIN! Asdfkanlckaw;lg pow,bakmmc.z I can't take it anymore!! I don't understand any of this!!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

I want Mike Downey, "that smug creature," to appear and say to Lu Ann, "Kiss me, fish lips!" That will really push all her buttons!