Monday, September 19, 2011

The Lovely Guy of Hoboken 3G

Lu Ann, you dummy! Margo can tell you're baiting her! She knows you want her to throw a hissyfit so you'll have to come to Paul's defense! Now instead she's going to play it cool and congratulate you, causing you question whether you liked Paul so much just because Margo didn't. Which is all well and good but I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THE HISSYFIT, and I'm afraid you ruined it.

P.S. None of this upstages the fact that Paul is "a lovely guy."


Gerard said...

Isn't Tommie enthusiastic? You can tell by the way she hugs Lu-Ann. No wait, by the way she kisses bother her cheeks. Well, not that either. She just lays a hand on Lu-Ann's shoulder, so Lu-Ann knows she's sincere.
Ignore Margo. She's just ticked at the thought of having to pay half of the apartment expenses instead of a third.

MillyQPublic said...

Weren't you guys just wondering if any of these ladies owns a collarless shirt? Looks like they changed Tommie just for you. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Now let's see Margo in a vinyl catsuit, hair down, riding a motorcycle through Yokyo at midnight. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Margo might be having a seizure and they haven't noticed yet. Or perhaps she has died but her legs were positioned in a such a way that she has not fallen over yet.

I would like to see a v-neck or maybe a concert t-shirt...yes The Beatles concert t-shirt please.

mrvy said...

Ah, but read Tuesday's strip, in which faithful readers learn that MARGO HAS A HEART!

Maggie said...

mrvy: Huh. She didn't even smirk when she said that. I have to say, I'm impressed. And I'm not easily impressed! OOH, a blue car! (that's an old Simpsons quote I used to use)