Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whatever You Want

Where is this money coming from, Paul? Property in New Jersey (especially so close to Manhattan) isn't cheap, no matter how the real estate market is trending. Still, there are scads of people lined up to buy this house... gotta move fast in real estate. I can just imagine the MLS Property Listing.

You will fall in love with this neighborhood!!!!!! And house. Charming two(-ish) story (faux) colonial in the heart of Hoboken. Less than five minutes from public transportation, Wawa, Mrs. Linski. Community laundry, carpooling, and chocolate chip cookies available next door.
On a positive note, I'm kind of in love with those warm brown line drawings of the houses. And you'd have to click on the image to see this, but I think they're coloring the leaves on the trees using a stroke instead of a fill? Pretty sophisticated techniques for our colorists, who just last week made Ruby's hair barf-colored.


Anonymous said...

I have been to Hoboken. It's mostly row houses and larger buildings. Maybe Frank should have googled some images before drawing those houses. I'm not worried about these kids. Happy couples have these types of arguments.

Roy said...

Maybe Paul Linski is another Scott Gaines? Lu Ann is getting another chance, or maybe she is just a magnet for creepy rich guys who like to pretend to be blue collar. I can't wait to see him in an ascot.

mrvy said...

For the ignorant, who is/was Scott Gaines? Can't figure it out from the A3G Guys link, nor the Awesome Incidental Characters. Did he date one of the girls, and did he managed to survive?

Maggie said...

A Scott Gaines reference, I love it! Scott Gaines was a guy Lu Ann was going out with back in the '05. He was working as a janitor, but he was actually, in Josh Fruhlinger's words, cartoonishly rich. Sample of said wealth here:

Also, Nina, Margo's connection to Queen Bee, is now married to Scott Gaines. So he managed to live through dating Lu Ann.

I should really make an "A3G Ghosts of Boyfriends Past" reference page.

mrvy said...

Thanks. I forgot the name from this summer, and never knew Mr. Gaines dated Miss Lu Ann. Gee, could Shulock, or Bolle and Trusiani, or whoever's at the helm do a storyline with Ghosts of Boyfriends Past for Christmas-time?