Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Annnnd the prize for most awkward master of ceremonies goes to Cousin Gene"Shaky Hands" Linski!! You receive the Burger King crown of shame.

Seriously, this made me laugh out loud. I skipped right to the end and read the last panel first, and when saw how deeply troubled Lu Ann and Paul were, I had quite the chuckle. Paul is like, "Too far, man, TOO FAR! You are JACKING THIS UP FOR ME!!"

And THEN I went back and read the whole thing and saw how Cousin Shaky Hands thinks handing out some kind of ass donut is appropriate when poor Mark is clearly embarrassed and trying to play it off. "Heheh... ouch. Ass donut. Yeah, I guess... I uh... need this. You know, I've... always been kind of ashamed of my lack of ass, but... no, that's cool. Hey Uncle Joe, where you going with that bottle?"

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mrvy said...

We have awards at our family reunions - oldest, youngest, furthest traveled. I thought the gold toothpick we gave the oldest one year was exciting, but the donut has it beat, methinks.

Is Lu Ann's prize going to be an engagement ring? Really, if she's not marrying into the family, she shouldn't have come.