Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Roundup

Whoa, you take off a few days from the old blog and things start happening! Which is shocking, because nothing usually happens. Without further ado:

Friday, September 9th

Oh yes, it's obviously the old "joke proposal at the family reunion" routine. But Paul looks so serious! And Lu Ann looks like she is preparing to bolt in the night, or at least inch her way closer to that fence so that she can hide behind it.

Saturday, September 10th

I think the second panel is the funniest panel in a long time, possibly since nigh on Bobbie Merrill times. The panicked head bobble, combined with the "I wish I could be anywhere but here" stare off into the distance. It's priceless, and it should be like a Zales commercial or something.

Sunday, September 11th

Whoa! Mags, I thought you said nothing ever happens in the Sunday strip? Apparently, the uncertainty in the two previous strips was Lu Ann's rational brain trying to put the kibash on the happiness her heart desires. Or maybe it's just group think? There are a lot of yes men around. I don't know if she is happy about it or not, but as of this strip Lu Ann Powers is officially affianced. Even the disembodied head of Waldo is rooting for these two crazy kids. Margo is going to be super pissed off about this!

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Chuck said...

This is the perfect time to make plans for the family honeymoon. All those who will be attending, raise your hand, and then we can vote on where we will go.