Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Return of Ruby!!

Well! Ruby. Well. Uh. Okay. So I get that you're acting out. You haven't been in the strip for over a year and last we left you, you were rejected by the professor, romping around with some degenerate named Lyle, and not getting a makeover from I Dressed in the Dark. But wearing pirate shirts and dying your hair strange barfy colors isn't the solution! You may get attention, but is it the attention you really want? Is it? ...No really, is it? Is this the kind of thing "Lyle" is into? Barfy pirate role playing? Cause..... gross.


mrvy said...

You look amazing too, Ruby, but not exactly in an agreeable sort of way. Let's note, however, that her hair is closer to the color of a ruby. For what that's worth.

Roy said...

I think the colorist is the girls' worst enemy, Ruby never looked so frightening.

Gerard said...

Perhaps we shouldn't take Ruby's hair color too literally. After all, Clairol and l'Oréal spend millions developing exciting but subtle new shades. But comic strip colorists have to make do with a Crayola box, and it's probably the cheap eight-crayon set, not the big 64-color box of the kids whose parents owned the supermarkets and the Cadillac dealership.