Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Side Blush

Kudos to Anonymous for nailing the head-bobble inducing prizes. Although, I would have expected an interrobang after prizes, that's par for the course for a head bobble. I'm not going to lie, I now want to give out family prizes. Although mine won't be as quaint and polite as the Linski awards. Mine would be more along the line of "Blackest Sheep", "Most Disappointing" and "Best Display of the Family Overbite".

Now, I'm a little confused as to the coloring in this strip. In the second panel, there is a random pink bath towel/or a shutter, yet Lu Ann's blush in the final panel makes her look like Ambrose Burnsides. Maybe it's not pink because she's not really blushing, she looks more like she's crying on the inside.

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Maggie said...

Am I embarrassed that I had to Wikipedia Ambrose Burnsides? No. I don't have to know about obscure 19th century senators / generals / entrepreneurs / funky-sideburns-havers.

ALSO, my family awards: Biggest Scold, Most Finicky Eater, and a special event to see who can give the most unsolicited advice.