Saturday, September 24, 2011

Under Pressure

Meanwhile, at 3-G... Margo, after taking a break from being Margo, bravely continues to be Margo. How does she know about the surprise family proposal? It didn't seem like Lu Ann went into too much detail as she was running out the door to shout her betrothal from the rooftops/Ruby's apartment.

Anyway, it's nice to see Margo's back to her old judgy self, but she's going to be too busy with Q Bee to interfere with the wedding much. I'm with Megan, let's get that storyline cracking again! Tommie, you're dismissed, you may leave the apartment. Give legendary producer Hobo Dan Diller our regards.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be swell if Frank Bolle drew the likenesses of Casey, Maggie, and Megan in the background of the wedding? I'm sure there is enough time because of the glacial pace of A3-G compared to real life. They should all be in the crowd of women waiting to catch the bouquet. It would be exactly like Stan Lee making a cameo in a Marvel movie, well not exactly, but enough to make it fun for people in the know.

mrvy said...

Half of Hoboken was at the Linski family reunion?

Maggie said...

It does make me kind of want to visit Hoboken, what with all the Linskis thick on the ground.

I second your motion Anonymous! 'm going to go to the mall and get some headshots to send Mr. Bolle.