Monday, September 26, 2011

On a Block in New Jersey

OH SNAP, Lu Ann is going to have to live on the Linski Compound!! Good twist. But um, what happened to that sweet little murder shack you were going to fix up, Paul? Isn't dad worried about your spending so much money? Maybe the murder shack will be Lu Ann's artist studio. You know, for when Lu Ann feels like getting away from it all/the vise-like grip of the Linski clan.


Gerard said...

Oh oh, Lu Ann is about to suffer buyer's remorse.
Well, technically seller's remorse.

Roy said...

Paul is gay and leading a secret life and the Linskis are in denial. Li Ann is his first girlfriend, explaining the Linski enthusiasm for this marriage. Paul needs to keep Lu An. sequestered in the country so she won't find out, but he doesn't know about Tommie's involvement in musical theater. When he meets Blaze all his inhibitions fall apart and he realizes he is marrying the wrong South Dakotan.

There I created a modestly interesting plot that doesn't undermine the status quo, while updating 3G, and it involves Tommie in a non contrived way. I suspect it won't happen.

mrvy said...

Living next door? Does Lu Ann have the spunk and sass to be the blond Debra Barone?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what alti-verse they live in but you can't buy a house in a week. So the creepiness factor just ratcheted up a notch. He needed at least 30 days to close on the house. Surprises are nice but where you live should be discussed with your Stepford wife before you decide for her. I hope Paul has already painted the nursery for the twins. Maybe the past week included rock throwing and a rendition of Buffalo Gals while lassoing the moon.