Friday, May 31, 2013

Bad Headache

"Marty, it's been great teaching you, the time just flew by, but you gotta get out of here. Cole is downstairs, and he was saying something about a certain crabby little girl giving him a headache. Not to point fingers or anything. Oh, am I pointing? Oh, do you not call your father Cole? Get out of my studio."


NonnyMus said...

I think Frank just put Marty hair on a Margo head for that final bobble, also!

Ken said...

V-neck in panel one has changed in panel two.

That is not Lu Ann's arm. It looks very unnatural.

I imagine the nurse has taken all of Frank's old drawings and cut out body parts that Frank uses as puzzle pieces.

I may try that for fun and see if I can do better.

Barking Monkey said...

You might have better rendered characters and superior continuity, Ken, but you'll never surpass Frank - I'm dreading the day he quits and is replaced with an artist with a more,um, 'conventional' approach to perspective, form, background, wardrobe, etc. I LOVE this guy! Check out his webpage sometime - you know how many Nazi planes he shot down in WWII? ALL OF THEM!

Maggie said...

The V-neck just shriveled up into a in fear!