Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Not Willing

Margo! Didn't your fling with Trey Brooks (whose last name I definitely just had to look up) teach you that you can't hide from life, and that you need to be brave and resume treating men as objects/sex slaves? I mean, that's what I thought that interlude was about. And why incidentally we've never seen Trey again. Margo put him on a shelf somewhere and forgot about him.


Sugar Packet said...

Another hard day of Googling from home! What's Margo's salary after taxes, I wonder?

ABBA said...

You're so scared to fall in love
Cause you end up in the dust
Everytime everytime...

Now you see us all the same
Like our words are just a game
Spitting lies, dirty lies

I know you know
There's something here
But you cannot get past the fear
I can help you make it clear...

So when you feel like trying again
Reach out, take my hand
See how great it could be
To fall in love with someone you can trust

Who would never give up
Cuz you're all that he needs
Baby take a chance on me
Baby take a chance on, oh oh

Willy said...

Good Day Sir!

NonnyMus said...

I guess Margo doesn't want to face her encroaching senility and her ongoing tendency to misplace men.

Barking Monkey said...

@ Nonny,
Yeah, LuAnn's dazed expression was fairly screaming "maybe Margo should look under the sofa cushions..." Although I'm not totally ruling out "Looking at hunky pictures of Greg counts as work now?"

Lost in the Worthiverse said...

Is this what all that weird, "Don't call me. Don't write me letters. I won't make any promises" thing was all about?

Except, weren't Greg and Margo then engaged or had some good news and everybody was so happy for them?

This strip is just so poorly written...

Lost in the Worthiverse said...

I just realized that Margo is being literal! She bought the emerald ring and she's paying Greg's expenses. She even paid for the fog machines in Central Park.

She actually can't afford to be "in love" with Greg Cooper!