Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lean In

I apologize for this strip being slanted.  That's the way it was uploaded to the site where I get it from.  I'm trying really hard not to let it bother me, but I hope for my OCD's sake that it was a one off and not Frank slowly slumping to the right in his wheelchair at the home.  For those of you who didn't even notice, it must be wonderful to live in your world.

In other news, it's our beloved blogmistress Maggie's birthday!  She got a birthday strip where Margo displays her trademark lack of empathy for the plight of her fellow man, and the return of the old-timey walking candle!  Let's all take midnight strolls through the corridors in our nightcaps! 


mrvy said...

Happy birthday, Maggie! Megan, I can't look at the slanted strip without developing a mild headache, so I suppose I live in your world.

Ken said...


25 right?

I want to live in your world.

Sugar Packet said...

Old timey walking candle is back! OLD TIMEY WALKING CANDLE IS BACK! Oh, and happy birthday Maggie!