Monday, May 20, 2013

On the Computer

I literally just lurched forward and grabbed my computer monitor to see if that felt like a natural thing to do. It didn't.


Barking Monkey said...

Wait, does this mean we don't get to see the 3G version of the Guv's mansion? What a crock. I was hoping it would look like Cinderella's Castle, or failing that the Wicked Witch's castle, or given the fine hot dog dinner the Guv sprang for, White Castle? (The pic on Wikipedia indicates the Executive Mansion is actually the Addams Family house - which is still pretty cool, actually.)

Ken said...

I can only assume it is a Governor Trog d-pick by the way Lu Ann is man-handling the monitor. Because that's how she would man-handle the d.

Have you been on a pub crawl in Cambridge? That's what I just did.


NonnyMus said...

Wouldn't it feel natural to grab the slab-like monitor if a picture of James Bond was on it, though?

Hubba hubba!

Seriously, though, wouldn't Margo feel the least little bit guilty about pawning the emerald ring Greg gave her at this point?