Friday, May 17, 2013


Tell me about all your wildest fantasies, Lu Ann. For example, are you in to governors who send you pictures of themselves in their underwear? How do you feel about powerful men that like to wear women's negligees? How about elected officials who can only get turned on if their cat is watching them when they're with a woman? I know, me too!!


RobC said...

He has to be the worst Governor ever! Even more lame than mine! Where is the big SUV and the Statie who drives it?

If this fling by the Chief Executive makes even the 4:30 EARLY EARLY news I'll be surprised.

Barking Monkey said...

Oh Ladies of Apartment 3-G, Where have you been all my life! Too Funny. Also, I know being governor has certain perks, but is he really allowed to stick a steering wheel in a diner booth and take it out on public streets like that?

NonnyMus said...

@Barking Monkey, LOL!

I like the green mesh upholstery, also. I like to imagine it's made of mesh bags stuffed full of dirty money!

Allen said...

He's met her like what, twice? He's showing up at her doorstep out of nowhere, stalking her, talking to her like a 16-year old boy would talk to his crush, and now he's calling her "my girl"? Uh-huh, not creepy at all.

Ken said...

I'm sorry, where are they going?

For a hike on the AT?

Haven't you had that instant connection with someone that makes being creepy and way too personal just feel all kinds of right? No? Well I have. It's when you know we belong together.