Thursday, May 2, 2013

Confused Children

Now I really wish Lu Ann had said "dude" yesterday, because it would segue nicely into the fact that I have Steven Tyler in my head screaming singing "dude looks like a lady."

Either way, there's so much happening in this strip! Possibly transgendered children! (That's not the kind of thing with which the Governor should be associated.) Children who possibly aren't really children! (I was going on the assumption that Lu Ann just taught kids, but that is one tall child, so who knows.) Art that isn't just squiggles!! (Not everyone can be Jackson Pollock.) A kid/woman/dude who is finally unimpressed by Governor Trog!

I'm so excited for what this storyline will bring, and I don't care that I'm destined to be disappointed!


Dr. Lucy Van Pelt, Psychiatrist said...

Look at that hair. It's fairly obvious that ''Marty'' is a teenaged, emo, transgendered version of Peppermint Patty. After that one time at band camp, all she has left to remind her of Marcie calling her ''Sir'' are those eyeglasses.

Lost in the Worthiverse said...

I suspect Shulock will use this obnoxious middle aged hippie as an example of how wrong antiwar people are -- the 'kid' is traumatized by losing her parent in an absurd war, but is so repulsive that nobody cares. I'm sure if we had archives, this was some storyline in 1969 about the Vietnam War.

I'm just surprised Failure Frank didn't draw Marty with stink lines coming off her!

Jay Kay said...

Yep. And Marty is clearly a feminist. That means she must die.