Monday, May 27, 2013

Not Now

Hoo boy. This setup reeks of heartbreak. Marty shows her dad a blank piece of paper just to see if he's paying attention. He's not, even though there's literally nothing else to do in the gallery but look at art. And if Mr. Marty doesn't forget to wait for her, I'll go out, buy a hat, and eat it.


Barking Monkey said...

As a newcomer to A3G this strip is a real eye opener. Based on no evidence at all I figured it was a tony, high end gallery. The racks of black velvet paintings behind Cole are a clear counter-indicator. I wonder what the ratio of Crucifixions:Elvises:Bullfighters:Clowns is?

Anonymous said...

Art gallery you say? It's not an art gallery without green curtains, damnit!!

NonnyMus said...

"Here it is, Dad! I also changed clothes for no discernable reason! I was wearing a yellow blazer just before I changed into this green thing..."