Thursday, May 23, 2013

Too Soon

"If someone loved me the way Greg loves Margo, I wouldn't even consider my own feelings because I'm just a silly woman anyway."

Lu Ann, I'm a little fuzzy on the timeline here (have you even gone on your date yet?), but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Greg and Margo don't have you and Peter beat by much in the "time before falling in love" department, so there's that.

(I guess how Greg "loves" Margo is very different from how Paul "loved" Lu Ann?.... Yeah, he's James Bond, it definitely is.)


NonnyMus said...

Was Paul the blonde guy with the all-blonde family? Lu Ann bailed on him right before the wedding and he disappeared, right? Then there was absolutely no fallout from that, iirc!

Ken said...

Wait, who is Peter Russo? Oh yeah, Governor Trog. I can't keep track of people's real names. Nicknames are so much more descriptive and appropriate, just like in real life.

Love doesn't take time unless you are in an arranged marriage or dating an actuary.

Love is love. It doesn't always make logical sense but it feels right and shouldn't be ignored.