Sunday, May 5, 2013

If You Dare

I'd be afraid to cross Marty.  Her fingers look like she's punched a lot of dumb blondes in the face for playing coy with her.  I'm pretty sure we know everything we need to know about Marty.  She hates her mom because presumably her mother abandoned her to serve her country in Iraq.   Although, there is a large possibility that A3G is not forward thinking enough to have women in uniform, and Marty just hates her mother because she's stuck with her while her father is in Fallujah.  Either way, she's acting out by dressing in gender ambiguous clothing, trying to grow in a mullet and wearing glasses that don't appear to have a full frame.


Inkwell said...

What is with the art? In panel one, Marty is farther away than Lu Ann, but their heads are about on the same level-- point being, she's taller than Lu Ann. In panel 2, they're still the same height!

Not to mention her build. She's not drawn with cleavage or anything, but the way her sweater is shaped, it looks like she's got a chest under there.

This character makes me feel creepy.

NonnyMus said...


Of course Marty is standing on a box in the first frame!

Ken said...

Is this some sort of truth or dare game?

Marty is not playing it right.