Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Governor's Ball

Wait, is this all happening before Lu Ann's movie date in Albany? If so, I think Governor Troggypants is coming on a little strong. And yes, hopefully this means some Scott Wiener-style hijinks are coming soon. Perhaps involving the Governor's ball.

But JEEZ, Lu Ann, show some civic pride! I didn't rag on your pink cardigan so you could change into a sweatshirt for your date at the mansion. At least dress it up with a pillbox hat or something.


NonnyMus said...

I am also confused about the timeline, but what else is new? Lu Ann would receive an invitation as part of her prizewinning do-gooder status, but I dunno.

Maybe the note said, "See ya Friday night. You can take the train to Albany. Peter."

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't Wiener-style hijinks require a more advanced level of technology than seems to exist in the A3G universe?

I don't think Lu Ann could handle wearing a pillbox hat right now. Too many bad memories of her recent trip to Dallas with Ruby.