Thursday, May 16, 2013


Oh Peter, when you want to creep outside someone's house, it's best not to do it in a car bus filled with giant windows! But you've got to hand it to Frank.  He's really trying to draw a car as a backdrop instead of a room with squiggle art and drapes, so let's at least acknowledge it.  Do the Governor and Lu Ann not know that they can turn down the volume of their phones instead of holding them an inch away from their ear?  I can't wait to see what Frank does with the governor's mansion!

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Lost in the Worthiverse said...

The Governor's Mansion is going to look like MOMA with more drapes. I'm going to predict the drapes will be green - not light MOMA green, but a deep, rich money green just like Peter's headrest. Is that a headrest? A mesh bag full of cash? Kermit?

Who can tell?