Monday, May 27, 2013

Taking It On the Chin

So I downloaded Saturday's strip.  The faces looked a little funny, but I chalked it up to my browser having an off day, so I downloaded it and blew up it up to original size.  It was then I realized that Frank is done.  I mean stick a fork in him, the fat lady is singing, the referee is banging on the mat done.  Done.  The man can't draw the same face in two panels if his life depended on it.  In the first panel Lu Ann looks a blonde Delta Burke.  Which reminds me that I really wish they still showed Designing Women reruns.  Maybe Casey and I can start a write-in campaign.

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NonnyMus said...

Since most of the humor of this comic comes from the incompetent artwork, don't you think we should encourage Frank? I wouldn't mind getting rid of Margaret because when her storylines aren't retrograde, they're ridiculous... or they're retrograde and ridiculous!