Monday, January 16, 2012

The Lost Years

Ruby, where are you trying to sneak off to? "I know you have questions and all, and we'll totally get to those! Unless you want to call it a night? You know, get some shut eye, mull over the sparse facts you already have, really soak it all in before we get down to business! Oh how I wish we could have the lost years back. Anywho, I have to nip into the kitchen for just a little bit. Why don't you put on a Lifetime movie while I check out the fire escape--just to make sure it's still working and all! Okie dokie, we'll hug when I get back. Toodles!"


Ken said...

When was the last time an A3G character actually sat down? This talk seems like a 'have a seat' type talk. Or do they have those high stools that make it look like you are standing? The kind Alex Trebek now uses. Does anybody else think he should grow back the stache?

The plant in panel two was a nice afterthought. The distance between the squiggle art and curtain certainly grew.

I wonder if Frank has a map of the apartment. That's what I would do, so I could choose the background wall based on what room they are in. Ooh, maybe even a diorama! I know what I'm doing this weekend.

Sugar Packet said...

Ken: Good point, no one sits in this strip! Even when they're in a car, they kind of look like they're standing, maybe propelling the vehicle with their feet a la The Flintstones.

kyapiphi said...

I am sure I read it here a while back - but they don't sit because they are all centaurs. Now try to get that image out of your head when you read the script. I know I haven't been able to.

kitchenbeard said...

Ruby's off to let LuAnn's father know the jig is up. What she doesn't know is that J. Edgar Hoover has been dead for years.