Monday, January 9, 2012

Speak of the Ruby

Speak of the Ruby... and she shall appear. Wearing straight up pin cushions on her head. Wait, so they're ALL adopted?? Is the Wright family so effed up that they have to adopt good children to make their family photos look halfway-normal and non-cragglefaced? And I do mean halfway-normal. Look at these gals. It's like they're part of some cult/convent that forbids women to ever, under any circumstances, show their clavicle.


Ken said...

Ruby must have been outside the door with her ear to a glass. Does that actually work? I'll have to try it.

Once this is all figured out, I would like to see a Craggleface family tree.

Janey hit every branch when she fell. Too much cheese?

Charlene said...

No clavicle? Who with the reason of a squirrel wears low-cut shirts in January? asks the Winnipegger.

Of course, that doesn't actually leave out Lu Ann, does it?

Sugar Packet said...

I like your idea that absolutely everyone decent in the Wright family is adopted, but Ruby's gotta the the mom, right?? The suspense!!