Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A3G 2013: Year in Review

The Year that Was in Apartment 3G... in case you missed it. In reviewing the past year for goodies, I discovered that we really only had two major narrative arcs this year:

1. The conclusion of the Margo-Greg-Evan saga (in which Evan wore a raincoat and tried to burn Margo to death, and Greg saved her and sort of got engaged to her, except that's totally over now)

2. Lu Ann's adventures in philanthropy (in which Lu Ann is inspired to honor her deceased husband with an art therapy class for veterans' kids, and then immediately catches the eye of the Governor and a single dad veteran, and and winds up pretty much dumping them both and probably the art program too)

I mean, unless you count Tommie disappearing from the strip to go to Italy for half the year a story line.

For the record, Tommie is having the best year ever.

Also, I just discovered: Lu Ann and the Governor never kissed? What the hey. Weird.

But Apartment 3G really isn't about the storylines! (I had to look up Greg's name, I forgot him so quickly.) It's really about ...

The fashion!

Gorton's Fisherman Realness

Hella Appropriate Party Clothes

Deep-V Cry for Help

Prairie Chic

Blue Tux, Red Snake

 The passion!

An Egregious Show of Legs

Tender Earlobe Caresses

Pointing, Pointing, Pointing!

Shoulder Pinches

Marty's Attempts at Gesticulation

The tears!

Professor Who?

Sob Sob Sobbing at Arlington

James Bond Will Be Back in... nope, nevermind

John Calder is Dead

Marty's Contrition

The bobbles!

PTSD Tumor Bobble

Is War Good? Bobble

Sexy Sexting Bobble

Soupcon of Boozy Delight Bobble
The Brushoff Bobble

The characters we want to see more of but will never see again!



Mrs. Tori and probably anyone else
Tori is related to

Mister Clark

This dude with a cap that says Taxi

The bubble baths!

Lu Ann in repose

The character assassinations!


And of course, the 500 bucks we'll never get back.

Money for Nothing

Thanks for joining us for a year of ups and downs, but mostly another year of statis. I went nuts and put captions AND secret hover messages on all of these panels as a special New Year's treat, but don't get spoiled! We're back to our regular blogging schedule next Monday.

Happy new year!

-Maggie, Megan and Casey


Piebut said...

Thanks you, ladies, for a wonderful year, and a fantastic end-of-year panel collection!

Allen said...

Thank you for this glorious recap and a year full of laughs :) hope you have a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Thank you so much for these captioned panels with secret messages! They were hilarious! I literally LOL'ed multiple times. Also, I'm still mad about the Evan-plot never being resolved. Why did he do it? Well, Happy New Year! Love, Dawn Weston's Evil Twin

NonnyMus said...

Happy New Year Everyone, and thanks to Maggie and co. for another year of belly laughs. My head is bobbling at the very thought!

efd said...

This is fantastic! Becoming a regular reader of this blog was a highlight of 2013 and I'm looking forward to more fashion, passion and bubble baths in 2014.