Tuesday, January 21, 2014

That Was A Quick Wedding

Am I the only one who's thinking that it's odd that Tommie's mother calls her Tommie?  I mean ostensibly she was involved in choosing her daughter's first name, so she should be partial to her own choice.  Technically, we could call her Tommie, because they have the same last name (or they did until Mackleroy and his silly last name got involved).

And Tommie just jinxed herself.  "Participate in a traditional ritual determination of the next woman to marry?  No need!  Nothing could possibly prevent Viscount Hufflepuff-Wimpleton and I from our troth!"

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Maggie said...

Uh yeah, I'm all for greens in a bouquet, but that's just a straight up potted plant Mrs. Tommie is holding. And good call, Tommie's real name is Abigail! What the heck, Mrs. Thomson. It's like if Casey's mom called her "Casey...y".