Friday, January 10, 2014

Crazy-Death-Wish Alan

One of the biggest regrets of my life is that I started this blog after the Saga of Crazy-Death-Wish Alan. Crazy-Death-Wish Alan, or CDWA, was a big inspiration for me to start this blog, and his death, at the hands of Crazy-Dope-Fiend Ray (CDFR) reminded me that life is too short! There's no time like the present. CDWA taught me a lot, Lu Ann. He taught us all a lot.

Paul Linksi on the other hand.... I'm just glad they have the good sense to recognize he was "damaged." I mean, in the scheme of things he was pretty normalish, except for his ever-multiplying Brady-like family.


Mark said...

Thank you for clarifying just exactly who was CDWA. The lives of these women are such revolving doors of bland, cookie cutter men that it's virtually impossible to distinguish them.

NonnyMus said...

Don't forget that artist who was just a figment of Lu Ann's imagination!

Margo said...

Enough about you, Lu Ann. Let's talk about ME!

Anonymous said...

For people interested in kind of following the CDWA story, The Comics Curmudgeon has an archive. CDWA seems to make his first appearance here:

Nobody will be surprised to see that CDWA looks just like Paul Linski in a leather jacket or sometimes an unbuttoned shirt.