Saturday, January 25, 2014

Doe, A Deer

"Oh look at you tiny...jackal? stray dog?"  

So did Tommie kill Bambi's mother?  I thought she was parked, but then she was moving?  The causation was very unclear.  Regardless, she should load that little deer in the back of the Packard and take her home to 3G.  Then LuAnn and the fawn can take turns seeing whose "confused and bewildered" face is more believable.

Also, I can no longer predict where this storyline is going with any confidence.  Maybe she'll take the fawn to live on Lord Walthingham Moneyton's estate, where it will live happily every after romping in the heather?


faoladh said...

The car ahead of Tommie killed Bambi's mom. Tommie saw it hit "something" then just keep going, which was why she stopped (again) to see what was going on.

I think that I've already lost interest in this storyline, but that might just be because Tommie.

Elaine said...
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Elaine said...

Who IS that woman in the last panel? Tommie's morphing into someone else, with shorter hair...Thank heavens she's wearing the pink shirt, so we know she belongs to A3G.

mrvy said...

@Elaine - Tommie looks like a different woman in every panel today. Not to mention the fawn looks like a different animal in every panel as well.